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  • The First Floppy Disk and Me on a Data Recovery Op in a Gov Lab for a Cyclotron Unit.

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  • Me on Halloween 2021. I was trying to bring scary back.

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  • Everyone this is Roxy. My best friend, my child, my everything.

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  • My Command Center, where all the magic happens.

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    • I’m having trouble reconciling the image above with the image of TTGB? Is this a wizard thing?
      • all smoke and mirrors 🤓😎
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        • Yes, this is old and debunked. Appreciate what you government is doing to control the pandemic look at what Trump did to the United States. He did nothing to try and slow the spread of the virus and now at the time of this post there are more than 400,000 dead. Incase the number doesn’t do it for you let me spell it out, FOUR HUNDRED…

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          • I guess me being Canadian and living in Canada this resonates with me more so than Japan. What is interesting is the debunked fact check you googled on this info appears to be more of the establishments handy work. What I find interesting is this is starting to come true. At the end of the day I guess conspiracy theories are till they are…

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            • The thing that makes a good conspiracy theory is that they are riddled with truth. So I will agree with you there, some of it is happening. But over all no. I’m an American living in Japan as you may have read, so I have seen the difference in the two governments. I think that Japan is trying to keep it’s people from dying while the Trump…

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              • Not sure what is going on in America as I do not follow there news. once again I only can speak of what I see and know is happening in Canada which there is truths in this Canadian journalists video. Time will tell. Hard to debunk the future. Time will tell how right or wrong this fellows info is.
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          • This is a fairytale. This lady gives no support for her story. And it is not even a good story.
              • Time will tell…
                  • I can see why she believes that this is happening. The distribution of wealth has made it where the average person can’t afford land, so companies come in and buy it all up. In the US there are huge lots of land for sale, but no one has the money to buy them. Here in Japan the government will not allow companies to buy up large pieces of…

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            After much thought, I took the astronomical leap of becoming a full fledge Asgardian. I believe in order to be heard and too help shape this great nation effectively, one can do so by belonging. To all Asgardians, you all have a voice.

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